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You have made the investment in the paint and took the time to paint a beautiful pickleball court and now it’s time to paint the lines! By this point you have marked the edges of the outside and if you have a separate color for the kitchen you have already snapped a chalk line (we hope) so you were able to tell where to paint.  Either way, if you haven’t laid out the corners and chalked your lines you can buy a pre-made stencil kit.  There are a few online but we found this kit from Murray’s to be the best value.   Here is Murray’s link or it’s also available on Amazon.   Our website has the court diagrams so take a look at those and our how-to video!

Tournament Blue
5gal. Plush Tournament Blue is a ready-to-use 100% Acrylic water-based paint designed for recreational courts including pickleball, tennis and basketball. The vibrant, fade resistant and UV protect paint is easy to apply and only requires a quick mix. Plush can be applied to either an asphalt or concrete based surface and contains fillers for traction and proper spin. Coverage is approximately 400 square feet per pail. For best results we recommend 2 coats. See ‘how to’ section for surface preparation steps (ie. Acrylic Resurfacer). Plush products are Low VOC and easy clean up with soap and water.
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