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Q: I purchased all Plush products. After 2 years I have developed small area that have lifted leaving the concrete exposed. The concrete was etched and primed before painting. Is this product the correct product to use once I have scrape off the loose paint?

A: The patch binder kit can be used to blend in the peeling areas. The typical reasons for adhesion failure to concrete are preparation of the concrete, or lack of a vapor barrier below the concrete. We would recommend cutting the coating with a knife back to a point where it is adhered, applying additional primer, and then applying the patch binder kit. We would recommend reducing the sand load when you mix the ingredients of the kit together so that you can blend the material easier.

Q:How soon can the court be painted with Plush Coating after applying the Resurfacer?

A: Typically 24 hours is sufficient.

Q: If my asphalt pad was recently sealed, can I apply Plush over it or would I have to use primer first?

A: We recommend waiting 3 months to allow sealer to stabilize – then apply a coat of Plush Acrylic Resurfacer before the Plush Color.

Q: I have poured concrete for a pickleball court. The finish is medium broom. 1. Do I need to put Plush Acrylic Resurfacer ? 2. Do I need PT-Primer X Urethane ? Is this same as new concrete must be acid etched with either phosphoric or muriatic acid?

A: Yes, the concrete needs to be acid etched, powerwashed and primed with PT Primer X prior to coating the concrete. Once primed to surface is ready for the Plush Acrylic System.

Q: After etching concrete,applying pt primer,and painting plush court paint according to temperature requirements.After drying for 24 hrs will the paint remain properly adhered if the temperature is colder and wetter than average?

A: As long as all conditions have been met in the drying process and proper vapor barriers and drainage are in place.

Q: I have a 1 year old concrete slab that has been stained with water based stain. If I were to sand blast all the stain off the surface exposing a fresh poris surface, what other steps need to be taken before applying Plush .

A: Once the stain is completely removed, the surface would need to be acid etched, powerwashed and primed with PT Primer X prior to coating.

Q: Can this product be used on new concrete before plush court paint

A: Yes, but the concrete must cure for 28 days and be treated with PT Primer X prior to coating. Please read instructions completely as preparation is very important.

Q: My sport court was painted about 30 years ago. The paint is faded, but the concrete is in good shape. Can this paint be applied right over the cleaned concrete? Or do I need the plush acrylic resurfacer?

A: Yes, as long as there is no peeling.

Q: I filled cracks and birdbaths using Plush 6 gallon binder kit (latex, sand, portland cement). Can I apply the paint directly over those areas and the remainder of the asphalt court, or do I have to use Plush Acrylic Resurfacer prior to painting?

A: Yes, the resurfacer product is key to covering up the repair you made. Without the resurfacer product the repair will bleed through.

Q: Have a concrete slab laid summer 2017 for a sports court. It’s now summer of 2022. Never been sealed or painted. Only thing ever on it was people playing pickleball. I want to use Plush Recreational BLUE Coating. Step 1 etching what products after that?

A: Here are the steps in order: Etch Powerwash to remove all residue. Apply Pt PrimerX Apply Plush Acrylic Resurfacer,  Apply Plushcolor

Q: My basketball concert pad is 20 years old, never before painted, and in good overall condition. QQ: Do I need to use the PT Primer or the Acrylic Resurfacer, before applying the Plush color resurfacer?

A: You need to use both materials. Before applying the PT Primer the surface must be properly acid etched and power-washed. Once the primer is cured, the Acrylic resurfacer can be applied.

Q: How many sq. ft. does 5 gal. of Plush Acrylic Resurfacer cover?

A:  400-500 sq ft per pail, depending on the condition of the asphalt court.

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Q: Can this be added to Plush Color Coat to lighten the color? 1 gal. White Tennis Striping Paint

A: Yes. The paints are compatible.

Q: For the Plush resurfacer and color coat the instructions indicate a 24 hour wait time for recoat. Is there a maximum time period? In other words, can you apply a second coat in a week or so?

A: No maximum time. Waiting a week or two is ok.

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Q: What color is the product (neutral means what exactly? ) Can home Depot add color to the Plush acrylic resurface material Or do I have to put some type of paint over it so the basketball court looks good

A:  Neutral means light grey. Product is a primer coat for asphalt so that it will receive Plush Color material. No product cannot be pigmented by a retailer.

Q: Do you need to put primer down first before applying sports court plush paint?

Yes. All surfaces need to be primed with Plush Acrylic Resurfaacer before coating

Q:  I have a new concrete basketball court. Should I prime with the Plush Acrylic Resurfacer and then…

5 gal. Acrylic Resurfacer ?

A:Concrete courts should be primed with PT Primer X prior to using the Plush Acrylic Resurfacer product.

Q: IJust poured a new slab today, and relief joints will be saw-cut in two days. Will this fill the saw-cut joints? Should I still cut those joints or what is the recommended process to prep a new slab for sport court painting? I understand the next steps are 1. Acrylic Resurfacer 2. PT Primer X 3. Plush Paint. No one talks about how to fill control joints – all slabs have them. What is step 0? Thanks!

A: The saw cuts should be filled with paintable acrylic crack filler. Sika makes a good material for this. Just to clarify your steps, the concrete needs to cure for 28 days before anything can be done. The surface should be acid etched and powerwashed after that period. The PT Primer X is the first material to go down, not he acrylic resurfacer.

Q: I have a concrete pad it was trowels finished Making it smooth not broom finish. Can I use this Plush Coating?

A:  Yes you can, but I would highly recommend acid etching the surface first, and then sealing with PT Primer X prior to adding Plush prouducts.

Q: Can this product be applied to an asphalt basketball court without applying Plush Resurfacer first?

5 gal. Tournament Blue Recreational Surface Coating

A: Not recommended, as the Plush Acrylic Resurfacer acts as a prime coat and provides adhesion and filling characteristics.

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Tournament Blue
5gal. Plush Tournament Blue is a ready-to-use 100% Acrylic water-based paint designed for recreational courts including pickleball, tennis and basketball. The vibrant, fade resistant and UV protect paint is easy to apply and only requires a quick mix. Plush can be applied to either an asphalt or concrete based surface and contains fillers for traction and proper spin. Coverage is approximately 400 square feet per pail. For best results we recommend 2 coats. See ‘how to’ section for surface preparation steps (ie. Acrylic Resurfacer). Plush products are Low VOC and easy clean up with soap and water.
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