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Create Your Home Court

01. Prep

Make your Plush® Coatings last longer by starting with a clean and repaired surface. Powerwash and fill any cracks or depressions with the Plush® Patch Binder Kit. For concrete surfaces, use our PT-Primer X before applying the Plush® Acrylic Resurface. Ensure a smooth finish by applying two coats if needed.

02. Paint

Achieve crisp lines with our Seal Right Squeegee by starting with the kitchen or inbounds of a tennis court. Apply a second coat once dry for optimal results before tackling the outbounds. We recommend applying two coats for best outcome.

03. Lines

Get ready to make your project pop with perfectly painted lines! Watch our video for expert tips. Use 2” wide lines and apply masking tape on both sides for clean edges. Opt for two coats to keep your lines sharp and durable.

Transform Your Old Court: Watch How

Unlock the secrets to court repainting in this comprehensive DIY video. Learn how to prep the surface, apply paint, and stripe lines like a pro with our products. Or if you want to ask a question, give our new ChatBot a try. It knows everything about Plush! It’s the little green icon on bottom right of your screen.

Power Washing 0:14

In order to get the best and longest lasting results for our Plush® Acrylic Resurfacer and Plush® Court Paints a clean surface is critical. We recommend power washing the surface first. If the surface has any dirt spots or sap give them a good scrub first!

Filling the Cracks 0:41

For a smooth court surface you want to make sure to fill any cracks and allow them to fully cure before you apply the Plush® Acrylic Resufacer and Plush® Color. We recommend using our Plush® Patch Binder Kit which is comprised of a three component system: 100% high strength acrylic latex, Type II portland cement and #80 mesh sand. Exceptional for leveling “bird baths” and repairing minor cracks and surface gouges. Mix on the job and you are ready to apply.

Acrylic Resurfacer 0:11

Whether you have a new concrete or asphalt surface we recommend applying a coat of Plush® Acrylic Resurfacer to give you a nice, smooth surface prior to Plush® Color. If you have a new concrete pad make sure to allow it 28 days to cure and apply a coat of Plush® PT-Primer X before the Acrylic Resurfacer.

Coverage will depend upon the porosity of the surface to which the Plush acrylic resurfacer is applied. Application rate – coverage will depend upon the porosity of the surface to which the Plush color acrylic color system is applied the average coverage will be 450-500 sq. ft. per 5 gal. pail. Drying time is 30 to 90 minutes under optimum conditions – humidity, surface temperature and ambient temperature will affect drying process.

Applying Plush Color Coating 0:16

Our ready-to-use Plush® Color Coatings are of the highest quality giving consistent play for Pickleball, Tennis and Basketball courts. Plush® Color Coatings are 100% acrylic fortified with rounded fillers to make your play more enjoyable (especially for your knees!). Colorfast, UV protected pigments give a richer, longer lasting, in-depth color. Available stocked colors: Tournament Blue, Tournament Light Blue, Tournament Green, Tournament Red and Tournament Gray.

Snapping the Chalk Lines 0:26

We recommend snapping chalk lines before you begin, after the 2nd coat of color as well so you know where the court ends or if you have separate colors.

Painting the Lines 0:22

For crisp lines we recommend 2 coats of our Plush® White Line paint. Use masking tape on both sides of your 2” lines and apply with a small roller or brush.

Tournament Blue
5gal. Plush Tournament Blue is a ready-to-use 100% Acrylic water-based paint designed for recreational courts including pickleball, tennis and basketball. The vibrant, fade resistant and UV protect paint is easy to apply and only requires a quick mix. Plush can be applied to either an asphalt or concrete based surface and contains fillers for traction and proper spin. Coverage is approximately 400 square feet per pail. For best results we recommend 2 coats. See ‘how to’ section for surface preparation steps (ie. Acrylic Resurfacer). Plush products are Low VOC and easy clean up with soap and water.
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